Just Ben Monday!

Today was parent conference day at our school, so while Ben & I headed off to our respective schools, Faith headed off to my friend Chantel's for a day of fun with her buddy Hannah. And that meant I only had to make one lunch, so I decided to make it easy on me and just give the boy his favorites.

Ben had turkey/ham, cheese & cream cheese sandwiches in transportation shapes, cinnamon Goldfish, canteloupe & grapes, all packed in his Thomas bento. He also had peach yogurt in a small Shinkansen container to complete the vehicular theme. :o)


  1. How do you not smush the bread when you're cutting it out? I always smush it and it's not that pretty!

  2. I roll it flat first. :o) It cuts better and doesn't tear as much.

  3. I also needed the same tips for the sandwich cutting...
    Anyway, what a great bento! I like the shaped sandwiches and the cup of fruits.
    Nice bento blog!



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