Just-for-Ben Wednesday

It's pizza day at Faith's and my school today, so we are having that! Ben, however, still needed a lunch, so I made him a quick one with all his favorite things.

Ben has faux sushi sandwiches with turkey & cheese, ranch Goldfish (may I add, ICK! He picked them), chocolate panda cookies and many many grapes.


  1. 'faux' sushi! love it!!

    Gotta try to do some of that for myself

    What kind of bread are you using?

  2. I do the same "faux sushi" but with PBJ. It's a big hit. :)

  3. I just found your blog and you have some really cute bentos going on. I wanted to give you the heads up though in case the koala cookies you are using are the Lotte brand. Lotte Group filled Koala cookies were were recently recalled in Hong Kong, Macau and Canada because of melamine contamination. I have stopped feeding them to my daughter and I've returned them to the store where they accepted them back because of the recall in other contries.

  4. I have got to try the faux Sushi


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