Last minute Friday!

I had really good intentions of making Faith a cool Halloween bento for today. However, somewhere along the line, I completely forgot she needed lunch until somewhere around midnight Thursday night. So instead of the aforementioned Halloween bento, she got "whatever food Mommy has laying around" bento. Thankfully, I had some stuff frozen, so it wasn't as sparse as it could have been.

Faith had a mini quiche (I think they are chicken & cheese), goldfish pretzels, panda cookies, grapes and a fruit jelly (not pictured). Not bad for throwing it together in the wee hours of the night!


  1. Mmm! I think I would've enjoyed Faith's lunch!

  2. where are you getting those cute cookies? Panda and koala??

  3. Mmm that sounds good. How do you make the quiche?


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