Say Anything Saturday

We didn't do lunches yesterday because of errands. I picked Faith up at 11, then we ended up meeting Shaun and doing all sorts of other things.

However, I figured I'd leave a post open for questions! I have a bad tendancy not to go back and look for new comments on posts that are no longer on the front page, so I am sure I have missed things along the way.

Anyhow, got a question? Leave it and I'll do a whole post of replies aoon. :o)


  1. Where do you buy those cute koala cookies? I've not come across them in my grocery store. Wondering if they are from a specialty store. Thanks.

  2. Every Asian grocery store around here has them, even though they have been recalled due to melamine contamination. They're really tasty, but I wouldn't buy them if I were you.

  3. how do you keep your crackers from going mushy?? When I pack fruit and crackers together (but obviously in seperate containers) the crackers always end up gross.

  4. Just wondering how you cut your sandwiches so perfectly? Anytime I use a cookie cutter to cut mine, it ends up smushing the bread.


  5. Oh, another thing. We have 2 asian stores here and neither one of them have any bento supplies. Any ideas on where to find some? Also, can you post a list of things that you regularly buy at the asian market?

  6. I would like to know the steps to a bento box. Do you keep food frozen to keep it cold, how do you make your 'hot lunches'?
    If you don't add any sort of frozen pack to help keep the food cold, does it turn out OK?



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