A Disney Store Bento Find!!!

While Faith was at a birthday party, Benjamin and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping. In order to make him happier after being dragged into numerous clothing stores, I took him to the Disney store. What we found was exciting (OK, to me anyhow!). They actually have semi-bentos at the Disney store, not just tupperware like containers with snap on lids! They only had one boy pattern (Cars), but three girl patterns (Fairies, Prinesses and just Aurora). I let Ben get a Cars one and he picked Fairies for his sister.

They have a hinge snap lid and two removable divided sides, I love it!

Ben's new box!

Faith's fairy box

Inside of Faith's box

Removable dividers from Ben's

I think I paid $4 each, beats shipping cute Disney boxes from Japan!


  1. OK so I thought the new cutie bentos from Disney were awesome!

    I ran to the Disney Store last night and bought them ! (my munchkin is a girl and she loves CARS)

    Sadly they did not have any CARS left :o(.
    But I did get 1 princess and 1 Fairies.

    Thank You for letting us know !

  2. I love the Tinkerbell one! My 2 oldest are going back to public school after Christmas and I am really looking forward to sending my daughter with her bento's every day!

  3. OMG I think my DS would be in love with the Cars one....wow.


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