More Matching Mondays

Of course, the kids had to use the new Disney store bentos. I, in a not so brilliant moment, ran out of bread. And fruit. And, well, lots of other stuff.

Thankfully, in a more brilliant moment this summer, I bought tons of blueberries, blackberries & strawberries and froze them. That solved the fruit dilemma. And, it's always a good day for quesadillas. We had tortillas, not bread.

A question that arises every so often--why do we use white bread/white tortillas? Because Shaun & I dislike wheat bread, and F&B aren't too fond of it either. Frankly, the kids eat well and pretty much everything, so I don't think wheat bread is a hill I am going to choose to die on. And I'm not about to eat it. ;o)

Both kids had the same lunch--pizza quesadillas (I'm kind of out of meat too), some goldfish crackers, panda cookies, blueberries & a strawberry. In case you were wondering, the fruit is fine, it was just still frozen when I took the pictures!