One last 2008 lunch!

I found one last 2008 lunch on my camera card!

This was from the kids second-to-last day of school which was 12-15. Their last day of school was a hot lunch day for Faith and a pizza party for Ben, so I had to try to finish out some food on the 15th. We headed home to Canada on the 18th, so basically, I just used existing items for their lunches.

They both had the exact same thing for lunch--a homemade mini-quiche from my freezer stash, some carrot sticks, pretzels, chocolate goldfish and we finished the pineapple. Not bad for not buying more food for the last few days at home.

Thank you all so much for reading this year! I've enjoyed the bento-ing adventure with F&B too and we plan to continue into 2009. I'm planning a few cute giveaways soon, so check back in the new year!!! :o)


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog while searching for lunch ideas for my little one. I notice you have often used mini quiches with chicken and cheese. They sound (and look) delicious. Have a recipe you could share? There are a million online, and I'd like to know what you use.


  2. Hey Shannon! When you give them mini-quiches, do you thaw them overnight, or do you just put the frozen quiches in the box in the morning?

  3. I love your idea of freezing the quiches and defrosting overnight for lunches the next day. As a non-morning person, I am all for saving time packing lunches in the morning :)

  4. Sarah T just got me hooked on your blog. I am looking for all these fun bento boxes. Can you give me good resources. Also, do you just press and egg into a mold to make the cute shapes?

    Love it.


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