Technical Difficulty

My main computer crashed today for some unknown reason.

It keeps looping back to the start up screen and we are worried it might be the hard drive.

Until I figure out how to get photos on to my school laptop, it may be a few days with no new posts.

I have to get the main computer working, my entire life is stored on it!


  1. If it gets to the start-up screen, your data should be OK. Pull the hard drive out of your home PC and put it into your school PC as a second drive. You should be able to see your data and copy it. Good Luck!

  2. I realize you're probably not up and running again, but having been a lurker here for some time I wanted to cheer on whatever efforts you're making to return to posting. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your bentos. They inspire me for my own child's lunches, so I selfishly want your computer back! :D. Hope you have happy holidays!


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