Absolutely Identical Wednesday!

We've had a couple of weird weeks. Again, the kids only have one day of school this week which is driving me up the wall. I really like the two days of school thing and I still have to work, so it's a matter of finding out what to do with them while I am off.

We've been trying to finish off our freezer stash of foods so this is the very end of it. My goal this weekend is to make at least a batch of quiche, a batch of stuffed muffins and a bath of some kind of mini-muffins. Possibly a batch of bourek too, if I still have phyllo dough.

For Wednesday, the kids had completely identical lunches. They had the last two quiches (chicken & cheese), some pretzels, a few koala cookies, canteloupe and grapes.
For those who asked, I buy the koala cookies and panda cookies at the oriental grocery. They are kind of shell cookies with a cream inside.


  1. Not that I particularly care or anything, but I think it's not "PC" to call it the oriental grocery (even if that's the name... lol). :)

  2. I was told that the word "asian" applies to people and that "oriental" is correctly applied when referring to objects (oriental rugs, oriental lamps, oriental groceries). But the PC rules change all the time, so who knows what's considered correct now.

  3. P.S. Thanks for the info on the koala cookies... I was wondering what they were!

  4. My husband & ILs are Filipino/Chamorro and that is what they call it. I'll blame them. ;o)

  5. i was always curious about the cookies....they are adorable! thanks for the info, hope they carry them where i love :O)


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