Ben's Back to School Wednesday

And we are back!

We flew home Monday night and the kids started back at school on Wednesday. Faith has hot lunch (as she ofte does on Wednesdays) so Ben got to pick what he wanted.

He chose a macarni pasta salad with ham, grapes, koala cookies and (not pictured) vanilla yogurt in a "train" container. :o)


  1. I'm sure you have answered the question before, but I am relatively new to your blog. Where do you get the koala cookies?

  2. I have noticed that you like to use Koala Bear cookies. I don't know which brand you use, but here is the Lotte brand that had been recalled by the FDA.

  3. Lexi, you can buy these Koala Bear cookies at any Asian supermarkets (mainly Japanese or Korean supermarkets). You can probably do a Google or Yahoo search for the nearest Asian supermarkets near your location.


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