Monday Morning Lunches

Forgot where I put the camera all week, so just getting around to posting these!

F&B took matching lunches this week, I had enough for both of them and it makes it soooooo much easier on me not to make separate lunches. The cupcakes are quite the good find on my part. I bought them when the stores clearance them because they had "seasonal" sprinkles for $1.20 for 12 of them. They immediately went into the freezer where they are available for quick lunch treats!

The kids had pasta salad from Sunday night's dinner with cheese stars (Ben) and cheese hearts (Faith), a mini chocolate cupcake, grapes, and a banana (not pictured). We're trying to make a point of using up all leftovers so as not to waste food, hence the lack of variety while we finished the end of the grapes/bananas.


  1. You may have posted this before but what is in your pasta salad? I have such a hard time packing goodies for my picky one I am curious if she will try your pasta salad. :)


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