Target Find!

Remember these snack bentos:

Target has new ones at the Dollar Spot--Toy Story (boyish) and Monster's Inc (girl & boy)!

I was good, I did not buy any as we do not need them. It took a lot of willpower on my part not to buy them, but I didn't.

Someone else should though, they are really cute!!!!


  1. what store do you get the koala cookies?

  2. I almost bought them, but I knew that I didn't really NEED them, so I talked myself out of it. They are so cute though! I was just bummed that this time around the ice packs were $1 each! And I actually did NEED those, lol.

  3. My store just had two left--two Incredibles boxes. So had to buy them. Really. My store also had football-themed food picks that I found in the Dollar Spot too.



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