A belated Faith & Ben Wednesday

Oops, forgot to post this one. It was a none too exciting Wednesday, full of leftover and more leftovers. Oh, and a bunch of stuff out of my freezer stash which does *not* look appetizing when it's still in the frozen state. For the record, the quiches and berries still have a bit of ice on them, not anything fuzzy! ;o)

Both kiddos had the same lunch again--a ham & cheese quiche (still frozen in the photo), the last bit of pasta salad, melons & berries (which are also still frozen in the picture), a half of a heart cake, and a few animal crackers to hold it all in place.

It was all eaten, so I assume it looked more appetizing by the time lunch rolled around.


  1. Saw you have frozen berries there... did you froze them yourself?

    Berries are very expensive here so we don't buy them all the time but occasionally there are some on discount so I tend to buy one or two more punnets to keep so I want to learn how to do that so I can use the frozen ones for my bake or in the bento.

    I have a bento blog at www.bentofun.info. do pop by when you have the time!


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