Monday Lunches & Bento Napkins

Alrighty, backdating these posts a little to find the right days, since I forgot to post this week. In my defense, well, I don't have a defense. Does sleepy count? :o)

I had another go round of matching Monday lunches. It does make my world sooooooo much easier if I only need one idea and two of each part.

Faith's lunch in her Strawberry Shortcake box, divider removed

Ben's lunch in a Spongebob box, divider removed

For Monday, the kids each had a homemade ham & cheddar quiche, a quarter of a mini bagel with the yummy parmesan and herb spread, a mini vanilla cupcake, grapes & canteloupe and apple slices.

But even more fun was Sunday's project. I've been wanting to get the kids reusable napkins for their lunches since they both seem to think that if a napkin has so much as a crumb on it, it must be crumpled up and thrown in the trash. This drives me crazy, especially since I can at least spray down the table and wipe it up with a napkin. So, out came the sewing machine and a bunch of scrap material. The result was a cute patterned side with a solid flannel reverse, and a bit of fusible interfacing inbetween to hold the shape.

I made two to start--ballerinas for Faith & Cars for Ben with solid white flannel on the back. As soon as I buy more interfacing, I want to make at least two more per kid since we tend to do three lunches per week per kid.


  1. You have inspired me my dear. I won't go full fledge bento...but how fun...I can be inspired.

  2. Wonderful idea to give the kiddos reusable napkins! I must admit that I am also from the 'one crumb on the napkin and it must be thrown away' camp, but I am going to seriously consider looking into reusable napkins for bento... I guess I never thought about it before I read your post! :)


  3. Very good idea! If you make these napkins big enough, you can even tie two bento boxes together, like the way Koreans do it. I have older children, so often times, one bento box is not enough. Even my first grader needs 2 bento boxes--one for recess and one for lunch. Whatever he doesn't finish at recess or lunch, he'll eat them after school while waiting for his older sister (later dismissal for upper grades).


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