More Matching Meals, but on a Wednesday

I couldn't come up with a good W word for alliterative purposes, so it's "M" once again.

I really think part of the catch to speeding up the whole bento packing issue is making the kids eat the same lunch. I can pack things much quicker if I'm not having to make two separate meals. The other part involves leftovers and/or freezer stashes.

For today's purposes, I combined same lunch with leftovers, leaving me with a very quickly finished lunch. F&B had grilled sesame chicken and cheese skewers (chicken leftover from a Thai restaurant the other night). Underneath that, thought it is hard to see, is a flat bread stuffed with roasted red pepper and white cheddar cream cheese. They also have carrot sticks, a mini blueberry muffin, a cup of mixed fruit (canteloupe, pineapple, honeydew and grapes), and a few cinammon goldfish to fill in a gap in the boxes!


  1. Very yummy looking. I have been needing to get back to the basics with my kids. They like the really cute lunches, but they will eat more of the simple ones. LOL

    Muffins....must make more muffins!!


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