Single Lunch Friday - Faith

And just Faith needed a Friday lunch. As was evident in the last post, I no longer had deli meat to use in her lunch. I still cannot believe I left it out, considering I had a ton of other foods to put away and I put Ben's entire lunchbag in the fridge.

Either way, I came up with a no-meat Plan B, only to be informed that it was not nearly enough food for my starving 6 year old. Granted, she had breakfast at 7, a snack at 9:30 and lunch at 11, and I picked her up shortly after, but she's staaaaarving. ;o)

Miss Faith had the same pasta salad Ben did on Wednesday with her more cheese hearts, a blueberry muffin (yummy!) and a bunch of grapes. I really considered it more of a snack-lunch than a lunch, since she isn't in school for the afternoon.