Leftover Wednesday for Ben

Only Ben needed lunch today, and I found a perfect way to use out some of the leftovers in our fridge. We had a roast beef in the crockpot on Monday night (yum, fyi) and I had a fair size piece leftover, but not enough for more than 1 adult.

Instead, it turned into a lovely sandwich filling for Mr. Ben, who came home with an empty box!

He had faux sushi with roast beef and white cheddar/roasted red pepper spread, some cheese cubes, carrot sticks, pineapple and honeydew, and a few koala cookies. Yummy and bright!


  1. first time visitor and fellow home school mom. What a fun browse. Can't wait to spend more time here. :)

  2. Hello! Hoping all is well in your house! You haven't posted anything new in a long time! Don't make us all start worrying about you! :)


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