Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

My general rules of life include that if *I* have an annoying song stuck in my head, everyone else should too. It works well, except for the fact that Shaun never knows titles or lyrics and thus I can't get him on the "be annoyed with me" bandwagon. So instead, it's the new post title in the hopes that someone else will end up with it in their head as well.

We opted for a leftover Monday, with empanadas left from dinner the other night. They are from On the Border, so no secret recipe, but you can find them in the appetizer section. Each of the kiddos had an empanada, some cheese cubes, tons of fresh melon (watermelon, canteloupe and honeydew) and some cinnamon goldfish. Faith also had a few carrots and Ben had a few Autoland crackers. Both of them ate everything, which impressed me, it's a lot of food!


  1. Monday, Monday, It was all I hoped it would be....

  2. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the kids give away some of their food and don't actually eat it all? Not saying they do or should or would even want to! Just maybe their friends at school think your lunches are cooler than theirs and your kids feel sorry for them. LOL

  3. I'm singing the song. I started as soon as I saw the title. Thanks, thanks a million.


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