More Muffin Tins

We are still enjoying this idea, so we had ourselves another muffin tin Monday.

Faith's theme (which she had to guess) was the number 6, because she is 6 years old:
6 strawberry shaped sandwiches of turkey, cheese & cream cheese
6 carrot sticks in ranch dip
6 animal crackers
6 apricots
6 grapes
6 chunks of cheese

Ben's theme, thus, was the number 3, because he's 3:
3 boat shaped sandwiches
3 animal crackers
3 pieces of cheese
3 crackers
3 apricots
3 grapes
3 blueberries
and a melon pudding, because I ran out of 3 ideas.


  1. shannon, where do you get the melon pudding?

  2. Oriental grocery, they come in a big jar of a bunch of little containers that are round on top and taper to a star shape on the bottom. Pretty sure it was the one at Legacy/75, but could have been Park & Coit.

  3. We do muffin tin meals quite often. I pull out the big 12 muffin size, then the 3 boys get to share like a picnic. It's easier than a regular meal in my opinion!

  4. Thanks for the great ideas. I just bought my high schooler a Bento box and needed ideas (funny -- he would love your little kids' lunches). I also have two homeschoolers who I think will love your muffin tin lunches.


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