A Muffin Tin & a Husband Lunch

We're still lunching at home for the most part, so nothing too exciting here.

We had another Muffin Tin Monday with English muffin pizzas. This is Faith's tin--English muffin halves, sauce, cheese, diced ham and mushrooms. Ben's looked similar but without the mushrooms.

And occasionally, I send my husband food to work. He got spaghetti & meatballs with a side salad and dressing. I do like the Lock & Lock box for him, it works well and holds a lot.


  1. Shannon, where did you get that box? I'm looking for an adult-friendly way to bento my lunches when I go back to teaching in the fall.

  2. It's a Lock&Lock that I got at Target a couple of years ago. It works better for my husband than the Laptop Lunches since some of those containers are small for him (but perfect for me).


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