First Bento of the School Year!

We're back! Canada was lovely, then Mr. Ben turned 4 shortly after we came home.

In other news, we are officially homeschooling this year, so our first bentos of the "school" year were actually for our very first homeschool field trip! We went to a local farmstead that still is done up from the 1800s. The kids got to try their hand at farm chores, then we had a picnic out there with friends.

Both kiddos had the same thing--chicken & veggie stuffed muffins, chunks of cheese, a mini granola bar (ok, real granola bar that I cut in half) and grapes.

We are also finally the proud owners of two stainless steel water bottles, so our lunches are now 100% trash free (we use cloth napkins and reusable bags too)!


  1. Congrats on homeschooling! I hope you still make your bentos - even if they are eaten at home!

    I would love to hear more about the water bottles! Maybe you could post about them sometime?

  2. HEY! I miss you on live journal. I was perusing sites for Bento box ideas and stumbled on to yours! Thank you for having this site. I am looking forward to going through the rest of the ideas! :)
    Anna (Annimal on Live journal)

  3. Would you mind posting your chkn and veggie muffin recipe? thanks!

  4. would love a recipe for your chicken and veggie muffins!!! thank you

  5. I just found your site and have enjoyed reading through some of your posts so far.

    I am interested in starting the bento style lunches for my son who is starting pre-school soon.

    Do you have any suggestions on lunch boxes (bags) to hold the containers? I am thinking about getting a laptop lunch kit so there is only 1 lid for him to open since we are just starting out.

    Can't wait to read back through your posts for more lunch ideas!

  6. I'm really enjoying your blog...and hope to try your lunch ideas for the kids (and me?) this year.

    I know several have asked for the muffin recipes, but I haven't seen them posted, so if you're able to reply directly, I'd also be interested in seeing the recipes. They sound great!

    Thanks again for posting. Lunch making can be such a drag and you're helping me get motivated!


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