First Day Bentos & Guest Bloggers

We are still road-tripping our way up & down I35 in Texas, so for the first week of school, I present to you some guest bloggers & bentos!

Lisa, from 24/7 Low Carb Diner, has an yummy looking taco themed low-carb bento. From her email, the muffins are a low-carb kind with taco meat, plus extra taco sides to go with:

Brandi, a friend of mine with a brand new Kindergartener, made these for D's first day lunch and snack--pasta salad with cheese & pepperonis, pickles, broccoli with ranch, and some other yummy snacks:

You can visit Brandi & D at her blog, Adventures of Lil D & His Mom, and see her little cutie on his first day!

Want to share your first day lunches? Email me pics and your blog link (if you have one and want it linked back) at scarino @ gmail . com!