More Guest Lunches & Bloggers!

We made it home from our road trip ...
to a house devoid of most forms of food. ;o)

Last night was pizza night and Ben & I hit the grocery today for real food.

Thankfully, a couple of guest bloggers stepped up with some adorable first week of school lunches to share!

Michelle at Foodie Footsteps sent in her little cutie's first day lunch. She had an entire spinach salad bento with the cutest turkey pinwheel flowers! I am so stealing the flowers. :o)

Stephenie at Life in Trixieland sent her girls' matching meals (which is the best theory in life btw, I love when I can convince F&B to take the same thing). The girls had imitation crab legs, babybel cheese, crackers, strawberries, carrots and ranch dressing. Love the crab leg idea too, I would never have thought of sending those for lunch!

Thanks so much for sending these in! Hope everyone had a wonderful first week of school.

Still want to share yours? Email me at scarino @ gmail . com with a pic (and link if you want!). :o)


  1. Your site is an absolute lifesaver. I have a 4 year old daughter that is starting Junior Kindergarten in two weeks. She is an absolute picky eater and hates all forms of sandwiches except Peanut Butter and Jam, which I can't pack for her lunch because it is a nut free school.

    Your bento ideas are fabulous. I have a batch of the stuffed corn muffins (corn dogs) baking right now for a trial run. I think she is gonna LOVE them. Thank you so much.

    I already picked up 3 bento boxes and have some accessories coming in the mail via ebay. My daughter loved the fruit on skewers, and I even got her to eat cheese and bologna skewers last night. What fun!

  2. How do the flowers not end up lying at the bottom of the box when it gets tipped? They're adorable, though.

  3. (Nerdette) Stephanie-
    Will your school allow sunbutter as an alternative? It tastes a lot like peanut butter, but it is made from sunflower seeds.

  4. Thank you for your site. I had not been able to visit for some time, b/c I lost the link. But I remembered your site when my daughter asked for a home made lunch & I did not have any bread in the house for a sandwich.

    She got a cold chicken/bacon pasta & loved it!

    Thanks again!

  5. I think your kids must be the most popular in school and you are bound to be named as 'The coolest mom'. Wow! What a spread! Your kids are so lucky to have a super creative mom like you! :)


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