Stuffed Muffin Recipe (on request)

There is not much to this one, it's one of my fall backs! :o)

You'll need some sort of corn muffin mix (you can make your own or I use Jif), plus milk & an egg, whatever it calls for.

Combine all that, per directions, then add one of the following:

1-1.5 cup of diced cooked chicken w/1 cup of frozen mixed veggies
Chopped pepperoni, mozzerella cheese, and a couple of Tbsp sauce for pizza muffins
Sauteed ground beef and cheddar for cheeseburger muffins
Diced hotdogs (about 3) and cheese of your choice for corndog muffins
Taco seasoned ground beef and quesadilla cheese for taco muffins
Leftover roast beef, cheese of your choice, and a couple of Tbsp of gravy
Ham and swiss (my favorite)

Basically, add as much or as little filler as you want. My kids prefer lots of filler so every bite has stuff in it. A tablespoon of the mixture should have a bunch of stuff in it, not just be a tablespoon of corn muffin.

Spoon it into muffin pans and bake per package directions, yield about 12 regular muffins.

These freeze very well. I bake 2-3 batches at once and toss them in the freezer for emergency meals. I put them in the fridge at night to defrost and they are pretty much done by morning, definitely done by lunchtime.

I'd love to see/share some first day of school lunches this week, if anyone wants to share! Email me at scarino @ with a pic, your blog link, etc and I'll post them during the week. :o)


  1. Thank you!!! I've always wondered about your stuffed muffins. My toddler is allergic to wheat (and eggs, milk, nuts, and sesame), and it's a real challenge to find food for him. He eats chicken and frozen veggies, and I've been meaning to make some "safe" corn muffins for awhile, so I'm definitely going to try stuffing them.

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for posting!

  3. this may be a dumb question, but do you put the fillers in a food chopper firsts, or just mix them in full size? like the mixed veggies for instance?

  4. I LOVE the corndog muffins. Can't wait to try some of these new ideas.

    For our first day of school I let Ady pack her own lunch. It was not impressive in the health measure but she did a good job being waste free!

  5. Thanks, Shannon. I'll definitely put this to use.

  6. I read your muffin idea when you posted it and thought about doing it for Mac. I couldn't find a mix that worked with her allergies though. Today I found a gluten free/dairy free corn bread mix. I am so excited! I plan on making these soon!! Thanks ;)

  7. LOVE IT! thanks so much for the simple and fun ideas...

  8. just posted a link to your recipe! made the corndog and pizza them!! thanks for sharing-

  9. do you think this would work in small heart shaped cake pans?


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