Ben's Preschool Snack Bento #2

Today is Ben's second day of preschool!

I packed a little heavier snack bento for him today because he had a late breakfast which means he is unlikely to want a whole lot of lunch before we need to go.

Today, he has a mini pita stuffed with herb & spice cream cheese, grapes, and a cow shaped boiled egg, packed into his new Clickity Click bento. I wish the egg had turned out a little neater. It stuck a bit to the mold, but it still was too cute not to give him!

Wouldn't you be a happy 4 year old with this? :o)


  1. Wow, that egg looks GREAT
    and the whole lunch looks WONDERFUL!

  2. Do you make the pitas, or buy them? Love the cow egg.

  3. The pitas were lovingly homemade by the bakery department at Kroger. ;o)

    I do have a recipe for them in one of Faith's history books. It may be a cooking project later on.

  4. I'd be a happy 39 yr old girl with that lunch!

  5. Where in the world did you get the Cow Egg Mold? Very cute!!

  6. It's actually an ice cream sandwich mold from Williams Sonoma. It came in a set with a star & a pig too.

    I make it the same as standard egg molds, except I usually have to use rubberbands to hold the mold together (there are no clips).

  7. How do you mold the boiled egg? I love the idea, just don't have a clue how to get it done.

  8. You'll need either egg molds or ice cream sandwich molds.

    But if you have them, the actual process is easy. Eggs in water, bring to a boil, take off heat, cover, sit for 15 minutes. Then peel the still hot eggs carefully and pop into the egg molds & refrigerate. They'll take the shape of the mold.


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