Monday, September 28, 2009

A Bento Book - Cute Yummy Time

I received an email a week or so ago from Penguin Publishing, offering F&B and I an advance copy of "Cute Yummy Time" by La Carmina, in case we would like to take a look at it and perhaps review if for our blog.

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  1. Is there a lot of variety in the types of food used? Does she rely on a lot of shaped rice creations like you see in so many traditional Japanese bentos? I've been eyeing the book, but I was worried there'd be 50 rice creations, and kidlet won't eat rice right now.

  2. I have ummed and ahhhed about buying this book. Really I have, watching La Carmina on her blog kinda put me off a wee bit! Maybe I'd get on better with the book, or lunchbox porn as hubs calls it!

  3. LOL, yea, she is a character! Her blog cracks me up too; every other paragraph says "my book is coming out, buy it". But I watched her demos on youtube of the elephant pancakes and the piggy bread and they *are* really cute. I'm just worried there would be too recipes I wouldn't be able to use.

  4. I'm still working my way through 501 bento boxes and the manga cookbook, I think hubs would have a fit if I buy another bento book! Maybe I'll leave it for a while then see what the reviews are like once the book is fully released :0)

  5. The recipes were pretty good. Some are rice, most are not, but for a very "American" mom, they were doable and edible! Except I'm skipping the eel rolls. That's just something no one should consume. Ever.

  6. ROFL! Yea, I'd skip the eel rolls too. I wouldn't even know where to buy eel. And hopefully never will!

    Thanks for answering my question =)

  7. Shannon, thank you for the detailed review! I loved seeing the animal ham/cheese crackers and quesadilla you made. And it makes me SO happy that Faith enjoyed the adventure story. :)

    Pigs Do Fly: only a few of the recipes use (brown) rice; I tried to focus on healthy, kid-friendly and familiar foods. I apologize if the Cute Yummy Time blog comes across as heavy-handed; it is, to be perfectly honest, a promotional blog (a necessity evil for any young author). I concentrate my original writing and photo content on my La Carmina blog,

    Thanks again, Shannon -- keep up the great bento work! ^^



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