Bento Organization & Google!

I often get asked exactly what our bento supplies really look like, so Faith & I organized the cabinet, took out some stuff that is too young/small for her & Ben and took pictures.

Bear in mind that there is one more shelf above this, except it stores random holiday items since I can't reach it without a chair. Shaun's stuff is stored in the tupperware cupboard & the cutlery is all in a separate drawer. I also need another bin of some sort for the sauce bottles and extra elastic bands.

Top shelf - mid-size boxes (Dora, Diego, Spongebob, etc), some sandwich boxes, some divided bowls that I probably need to get rid of since they are for babies, 2 Laptop Lunches, frequently used cookie cutters, and two very cool triangular boxes that my friend Michelle brought me from California

Middle shelf - two tiered boxes, an egg slicer and a couple of shaped boxes that don't stack well (the Hello Kitty & Shinkansen shaped bento box happen to be two of my favorites)

Bottom shelf - smaller boxes, food picks, egg molds, rice molds, side dish containers, silicone dividers, mini cookie cutters and usually the water bottles in the open area but I took them out for the picture

And in other news, open a new window, go to Google and type in "bento lunch blog"!

My husband is on this whole Google thing for work lately with SEOs and all sorts of junk that goes in one of my ears and out the other. Basically, meaning I do absolutely nothing to work on my own Google rating other than writing a blog.

That said, for the above search terms, I'm first!!! :o)

A friend of mine also pointed out for what she would consider more difficult search terms to conquer, that "bento blog" still yields me #4, and "bento lunch" ends up at #7 (or #8 if you count the Google images link.

Just had to celebrate that, since it was never a plan of mine. :o)


  1. HA! I have been following your blog for a year or so now. I actually have a blog post including your blog all ready to go. I am just waiting for to go back up after the holiday before I post. I will send it to you on Tuesday!

  2. Hi, I love your organized bento shelves. Myself, I just shoved my dinner plates to the side and started stacking my bento boxes next to them. I look forward to reading more on your bento adventures and creations.

  3. I found your blog in google search a few days ago and I am loving it. :) I sent my husband out last night for the stuff to make the muffins and quiches for the freezer I got from your blog.:) I will be working on it today. Thank you :)

  4. Love your site! I am a Canadian mom, who has a 4 year old who is heading off to Kindergarten next week... don't get me started on that... anyway, I am hoping to start the whole bento thing with her this year. So glad I found your blog! We are heading out today to try and find some supplies :)

    I will be following you!

  5. Wow! I need to buy some more bento supplies, so I can catch up with you!! Nice stash :) (and congrats on the search results!!)

  6. Wow! You are so organized! It looks really nice!


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