New Boxes!

It's always fun to go shopping and find something you didn't even know you were looking for! In my world, that usually means I find a bento box, or two, or ten.

Faith & I went to Minoya the other day for snacks and they apparently had gotten some new supplies in. I know I keep saying I don't *need* anything, but I didn't have these! And, well, I wanted them. ;o)

I got each of the kids a mini Clickety Click box with a snap down lid. It's really more of a bento snack box than a bento lunch box. I plan to use Ben's for his snack tomorrow, so I'll see how much food I can fit into it.

I also got a two tiered Clickety Click box for Ben. He doesn't have anything two-tiered and sometimes, with salads, I want to keep it completely separate from the rest of the food. So he now has his own that is a little more boyish than what I already have. ;o)

What I really want are picks that I keep seeing online and on Ebay. One of these days, I'm going to need a shopping trip to California.


  1. I love those Clickety Click! I wish I had gotten them when Ichiban Kan was open online...

  2. Great boxes!

    What picks are you looking for? I just got back from California and I brought back a ton of bento goodies! I have several different types of picks - email me if you are interested!

    avie AT aviesbento DOT com

  3. I really regret not getting stuff at Ichiban Kan too. :o(

    Avie, thank you so much! I will email you the ones I am thinking of. I'll be glad to pay for them, it just kills me to see $3-5 online and then another $5 for shipping.

  4. 1) Where is this store you went to? I want more boxes for Mac.
    2) I'm going to San Fran next month. If you tell me what you want I can look for you :) I'm assuming I'll be able to drag A into at least one store ;)

  5. Shannon-
    I live in the Bay Area and would be happy to look around for you. Just let me know what you want from the area or where to go. I love your site by the way and just started using a lot of the recipes for my toddler.


  6. Which stores are you finding these at? I also live in the Bay Area. I found some at Matsuwa but not as cute as these!


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