Volleyball Snack Bentos

We had lunch at home today, so no bento lunches obviously. For the house, I'm a bigger fan of dishwasher safe plates & utensils.

However, Miss Faith had volleyball practice this afternoon and I knew both kids would be starving, so we packed some snack bentos to take along with us.

Both kids have the same thing--homemade pineapple blueberry muffins, grapes with canteloupe flowers and some string cheese for protein (since I'm out of normal cheese). :o) The muffins were a hit! Good thing, because I made 18 of them. ;o)


  1. those muffins sound great- any chance we can get the recipe?

  2. Wow, your kids sure do have it made with the "bento-style" box lunches. I wish my mom made that when I was a kid.

    Nice blog, by the way. Welcome to the Foodie Blog Roll. Feel free to stop by and follow my Seattle-based food blog over at www.nmos-omnomnomnom.blogspot.com. I'll be reviewing some Japanese restaurants soon. I'm sure you could get some good bento ideas from those. Keep up the good work!

  3. Bentos are such a great concept and perfect for kids!

  4. This looks fun for mom or(grandma) and kids also. Thanks for the snack idea.

  5. Okay, I am LOVING this blog. I have done muffin tin lunches, but I love the bento! Can't wait to get one!
    We homeschool, but we bring picnic lunches a lot AND I pack a lunch for my husband a lot. While I won't be cutting melons into flowers for him, I do like the concept!

    So my question is this: the colored thing sticking out of the food in many of your photos - what is that? Sometimes it's a blue swirly, other times I saw a pink heart. I am just wondering. Thanks!

    Oh, and I am SO making those pineapple muffins today!!!


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