Friday, September 18, 2009

Volleyball Snack Bentos

We had lunch at home today, so no bento lunches obviously. For the house, I'm a bigger fan of dishwasher safe plates & utensils.

However, Miss Faith had volleyball practice this afternoon and I knew both kids would be starving, so we packed some snack bentos to take along with us.

Both kids have the same thing--homemade pineapple blueberry muffins, grapes with canteloupe flowers and some string cheese for protein (since I'm out of normal cheese). :o) The muffins were a hit! Good thing, because I made 18 of them. ;o)


  1. those muffins sound great- any chance we can get the recipe?

  2. Wow, your kids sure do have it made with the "bento-style" box lunches. I wish my mom made that when I was a kid.

    Nice blog, by the way. Welcome to the Foodie Blog Roll. Feel free to stop by and follow my Seattle-based food blog over at I'll be reviewing some Japanese restaurants soon. I'm sure you could get some good bento ideas from those. Keep up the good work!

  3. Bentos are such a great concept and perfect for kids!

  4. This looks fun for mom or(grandma) and kids also. Thanks for the snack idea.

  5. Okay, I am LOVING this blog. I have done muffin tin lunches, but I love the bento! Can't wait to get one!
    We homeschool, but we bring picnic lunches a lot AND I pack a lunch for my husband a lot. While I won't be cutting melons into flowers for him, I do like the concept!

    So my question is this: the colored thing sticking out of the food in many of your photos - what is that? Sometimes it's a blue swirly, other times I saw a pink heart. I am just wondering. Thanks!

    Oh, and I am SO making those pineapple muffins today!!!



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