Preschool Snack Bento #11 - Fruit Kebabs and Sweet Pockets

Ben is back to preschool this week and the weather has taken quite the definitive turn towards fall in Dallas. To celebrate, we used our fall leaves picks to make fruit kebabs for his mini bento lunch snack. Grapes & canteloupe were on sale at Kroger this week, in case you ever wondered how I pick what fruit we use. It's all about the sale price, not the color or desires of the small people in my house. ;o)

Ben had the aforementioned fruit kebabs on leaf picks (alternating canteloupe and seedless red grapes) and mini flat bread stuffed with strawberry cream cheese. He was supposed to have 4 halves, but I accidently ripped on trying to open the pocket, so he ate that at home topped with the cream cheese instead of stuffed with it. He's easy to please.


  1. I love the fall leaf picks, too. Where did you find them?

    I'm trying to do a bento-style lunch for my kids once/week (to start). Where do you buy your containers? And do you use the reusable cupcake holders to separate your food sometimes? I have to search your blog to get more ideas. Because I just get stumped sometimes and can't think past cheese, crackers and grapes! And one of my kids doesn't even like that combo. Ha! =)

  2. The fall picks, I think are cupcake picks from Wilton. They were actually decorations from a teacher appreciation lunch last year and one of the moms I knew saved them for me (she loves me, so she didn't even laugh when I told her why). The containers are a combination of Ebay and the oriental grocery stores around here, but you really could use just about any resealable container to start. The holders are Wilton silicone cupcake liners. I bought a 2 packs when Faith started Kindergarten and still have all of them 2 years later.


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