Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preschool Snack Bento #9 - Teddy Bear Crackers & Honeydew Trees

We are still loving the new picks from Avie! Ben wanted to know why I didn't use the other ones on Monday, so today's featured some of the other patterns. Plus the little tree trunks were perfect with flower-shaped honeydew to make adorable little trees!

He's getting another note from Mommy too, as soon as I find Mickey Mouse stickers for it. He still loves Mickey.

Today, Ben's bento lunch (snack) includes teddy bear crackers (cheese shaped bears, with pepperonis, cream cheese & Ritz crackers), and canteloupe & honeydew chunks, accented with a seal ball, two trees and a strongman. :o)


  1. UBER KAWAII!!! Your bear cut-outs are perfect! ^^

  2. Those trees are just too cute, you have definitely kicked the cuteness up a notch!!!

  3. Bento boxes/lunch are really cool! I saw some pretty and cute bento accessories over at


  4. Where did you get those cut-outs for the chesse? Super cute.

  5. This is just too cute! Where did you get these cutouts?

  6. They are little plastic cookie cutters that my friend Michelle brought back from California.



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