Bento Snack #15 - Bunny Egg & Pocket Sandwiches

Another day of preschool for Mr. Benjamin and another mini bento lunch versus a snack. At least he's consistently hungry. ;o)

Yesterday, he had a bunny shaped egg and pocket sandwiches of tomato-basil cream cheese and pepperonis. Faith tried one as well and said they kind of tasted pizza-like. The mini pita breads have been a huge hit with both kids, I'm almost out and need to get another bag soon.


  1. Please do share where you get the mini pita pockets (and brand, if you could?)! THANKS!

  2. how do you get your eggs to look like a bunny?

  3. M - the pita breads are by "Toufayan" called mini-pitettes. I buy them at Kroger in the bakery section, but they are packaged, not baked in store.

    Josette, the eggs are from a mold. Basically you boil the egg as normal, but before you submerge them in cold water, you peel them and pop them into a mold. A friend of mine brought me them from California on her last trip there.


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