Bento Snack #16 - Ben's Bear Bento Bonanza!

OK, maybe that's a bit much for the alliteration, but it amuses me!

Whilst at the Dollar Tree the other day (the word whilst also amuses me, in case you're curious), we stumbled upon these little bear picks. We were actually looking for a bag for a baby shower gift and they were tucked in the aisle with the party decorations, in the baby party section. Obviously, I'm not hosting any baby showers anytime soon, but I had to have them! There are also pink & lavender ones in our pack, but this is Ben's bento lunch and he is not having any part of pink & lavender teddy bears.

In Ben's bento, we have a plethora of bears--bear shaped sandwiches (I think they are chicken and tomato basil cream cheese), purple & green grapes on bear picks and koala "bear" cookies. Yes, I know koalas aren't really bears, but Ben doesn't know that! ;o)


  1. A definite bear bonanza. I love the picks!

  2. The koala Cookies are too adorable.

  3. TOOO CUTE! I wish my cookie cutters worked as well as yours do! :) I have to get some of those koala bear cookies, I think the kids would enjoy! :) I learn so much from you, THANK you for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks for the tip on the picks! Super cute!


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