Preschool Snack Bento #20 & #21 - Thanksgiving Week

I have no idea why I forgot to post these, but I did!

Thanksgiving week, Ben had his regular class on Monday, then since they were off on Wednesday, he got to go on Tuesday instead. Hence, my schedule was thrown off, or at least that's the reason I am going to use.

On Monday, Ben wanted to use some more of his new animal picks, so he picked a cinammon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and "lots of melon!" (canteloupe) along with his monkey, lion & panda picks. :o)

On Tuesday, his class had a Thanksgiving theme and made popcorn, but my always-hungry boy wanted more food in his bento. He had pepperonis & cheese on my favorite leaf kebab sticks along with these dual sided cracker/pretzel combos that I bought and we all love!

As for this week, tomorrow, he has preschool. Yesterday we played hooky on and he got to go on a field trip to a wild animal reserve with his sister.


  1. Hi! I love your blog. My question is...what do you do with the "left over" food when you cut out shapes? I would be tempted to eat it myself.

  2. Do you order all of those cute picks online? I can't seem to find them in a store anywhere! And Amy - I am so so guilty of eating what's left after cutting things out! Probably why I can't seem to lose any weight!


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