Preschool Snack Bento #23 - Sandwich rolls and eggs

Or alternatively titled, Mommy forgot to buy enough fruit!

I take that back. I did buy fruit. The boy & his sister ate it all for breakfast. This left me with assorted options for lunch that didn't sound too healthy, so I went with the following and assumed half a canteloupe between two small children was quite a large fruit serving for one day!

The boy opted for a sliced boiled egg, faux sushi/rolled sandwiches with ham & cream cheese, a few goldfish and a few animal crackers to fill in the gaps.

And I went to the grocery store and bought another canteloupe, a bag of grapes and 7 bananas. That might last through the weekend.


  1. I bought a bag of grapes the other day. Almost 8, yes EIGHT dollars. And it was small. And yeah, I'm still bitter.

  2. How do you cut your egg so perfectly?? I tried and it's not at all pretty...

    Your kids are like my siblings and I, our mom buys food and we eat it up in one meal.

  3. @Peppermint, a boiled egg slicer. :o) I'm not that good with a knife.


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