Preschool Snack Bento #25 - Fruit & Dumplings

Faith & I decided to try out the new Kroger Marketplace store yesterday and were quite enthralled with the selection of ready to go items. While perusing the sushi section for Shaun (and watching the guys make it in store), we discovered steamed dumplings. The gentleman who was setting them out told us that he had just steamed a bunch of them and gave us a package that was still warm. They seemed kind of like gyoza or shu mai, but this batch was chicken (which I like better than pork, btw).

Anyhow, long story short, everyone loved them, and we had two leftover for Mr. Ben's bento lunch.

The boy took 2 dumplings, lots of canteloupe and some purple grapes. I heated the dumplings in a little water to keep them warm, then decided it was probably not a good idea to leave the grapes next to them. The grapes were moved to the fruit side after the picture. His preschool teacher told me they were still warm when he ate them at snack time.


  1. I love my Kroger sushi guy!!! My treat every week is to get myself philly rolls and edamame. I haven't tried the dumplings yet - will do that next time :)

  2. Yummy!!! I love the kroger sushi people :D They will make anything you request! Kidlet loves sushi but most of the ready-made kind have something in that he doesn't like so they whip up his odd requests with a smile :D

  3. We popped into our local Kroger a couple of days ago and were surprised to see the little sushi bar. My dd's love the dumplings and they usually get some once a week from the Market Street in our area.


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