Preschool Snack Bento #30 - Brownie Hearts & Fruits, of course

This really wasn't one of our more exciting bentos, in that it required very little work on my part. It's just food I already had on hand, a knife and a cookie cutter, but it made the boy happy! We had had a bigger lunch before preschool, so he needed more of a snack and less of a small meal.

Ben had a homemade brownie heart (Why does the top layer flake off brownies anyhow? This looked better before I tried to put it into the bento!) and some canteloupe and grapes. We are out of watermelon and I can't keep up with the fruit demands in this house. Seriously, the other day, the two of them ate a lb of grapes in one sitting and they can easily devour half a canteloupe at once. I need a garden out back, I think.


  1. I hear you on the fruit consumption! Mine go through a ton - especially berries. I have been thinking about growing strawberries this summer, but I'm not sure any of them will make it to the kitchen - I'm fairly certain my son and daughter will be eating them right off the plants as soon as they can. LOL

  2. I tried to grow cantelope in my back yard but the squirrels ate them. They took one bite out of each cantelope, ruining every single one of them. Grrrr.


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