Preschool Bento #35 - Cupcakes, Cars & Quesadillas

Sunday, I was craving egg salad (a friend of mine mentioned it on her Facebook and I've wanted it since), so I boiled a few eggs for myself. Since I was already boiling eggs, I opted to throw a couple extras in for F&B, figuring that Ben could take his in his Monday snack.

Monday morning arrives and the boy ate about half a canteloupe. Seriously, I cut up one and he finished half of the container on his own. Needless to say, I had to think about my fruit options for lunch since a half a canteloupe is a whole lot of fruit & fiber. I opted out of fruit for this snack, out of sheer necessity.

Ben had his car shaped egg (his choice), a homemade cheddar quesadilla, and a mini cupcake that I made on Sunday. He asked for berries or more canteloupe, but I figured it was better to wait a day for that. ;o)


  1. Do you use an ice pack with the bento boxes?

  2. The car egg came out really well! Yeah I get what you are saying... I hope he's out of nappies already or this could get messy LOL :D

  3. He's 4.5, so we're good that way, but I'm not a fan of pushing my luck either. ;o)

    Mia, I use ice packs when the kids are gone long hours, but Ben goes to school in the afternoons only, so we leave our house around 12:30 and he eats by 2pm. His stainless steel water bottle is usually enough to keep the food cold for an hour and a half.

  4. hi, just discovered your blog and I love it! I have seen a lot quesadilla pics and I just want to know if your son eats them cold? Personally I don't like the idea but maybe kids do? thank you!

  5. Sorry, I just saw the question, need to change settings so it emails me on older posts. My kids will eat quesadillas cold, it doesn't phase them. Much less picky than their mama. ;o)


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