Preschool Snack Bento #31 - After the Olympics, a Buffalo Sandwich!

Because Ryan Miller *is* the MVP!!! We're big Buffalo fans here and I love Miller (and think he should have & deserved to win).

Buffalo Sabres Hockey Bento

So for our after-the-Olympics bento, Ben had a sandwich cut out in the shape of a Buffalo (for the Sabres), some fresh pineapple that Daddy finally sliced up, a few goldfish crackers and the last of the homemade brownies. I did use a bit of plastic wrap to keep the pineapple from touching the buffalo. It was good pineapple, but lots of juice. There is just enough of a gap in the lid of this box to tuck a sandwich on top.


  1. What a fun buffalo bento! Looks delicious :D

  2. MVP maybe....but we got the Gold. Hey, wait, you're Canadian too!

    But the sammich looks yummy!


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