Mouse-shaped wraps & a new box

No school this week, but we had a project that needed doing, so we made lunch bentos anyhow!

Kelly from EasyLunchboxes sent us a set to try out and see what we thought, then another set to give away next week. F&B decided that they like the built in separate compartments and the fact that we could split up the food a little bit more. So far, I'm enthralled that they are dishwasher safe! A lot of cute supplies from Japan aren't and I do hate doing dishes.

Since we had a bit of time and our home, we decided to experiment with a few wraps.

F&B had tuna salad wraps on multigrain tortillas with carrot ears and cucumber faces (much easier than I thought too!). I had a cookie cutter that had tiny circle cutouts, but I think you could use a straw. The mouths are just a heart cookie cutter used twice to get the shape.

They also had some cucumbers and carrots, a combo of cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries & blackberries, and a homemade zucchini-carrot muffin. I'm thinking lots of healthy fiber, if nothing else! ;o)

Also, don't forget, this week's giveaway runs till Sunday night! Enter here!


  1. Hi, there! I wanted to tell you that I featured your awesome blog on my bento post at

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Just letting you know Shannon - in your honor today, purely from your inspirational photos, I bought the ingredients for our first 'lunchbox muffins' -going to make ones stuffed with chicken meatballs and veggies. Next step - pretty cut out shapes, ha ha. One thing at a time - you know I have no patience!

  3. I love the muffins right out of the oven! And seriously, somedays, the lunches are the only nice meals. I have no qualms about boring food when I'm not taking pictures of it!


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