Preschool Bento #41 - New Stuffed Muffins

I'm writing a couple of guest blogs coming up (yay!), so had to do some fresh cooking to get some fresh pictures. Ben was the lucky recipient of the extra stuff. I made cheeseburger muffins for one article, so we now have a dozen of those, plus enough ground beef leftover so I can make bourek soon too.

For preschool today, Mr. Ben took a cheeseburger muffin and some sliced cantaloupe. He also wanted strawberries, but he ate the rest of those a few days ago. Same with the grapes. ;o)


  1. I would like to read your guest blogs--will you be linking? I need this cheeseburger muffin recipe!!

  2. Cheeseburger muffin?? Please share.

  3. I'll post the links when they hit! :o)

    If you dig in here, the cheeseburger muffins are posted, but I hate to repost in the comments right now, since the idea is the crux of one of the articles (mommy-easy lunches).

  4. I, too, can't wait for the guest post. Cheeseburger muffins sound right up my kids' alley!


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