Preschool Bento #42 - Bourek & Berries

Another Wednesday and another snack for Mr. Ben. I realized I hadn't made bourek lately (it's an Algerian meat pastry, stuffed with seasoned ground beef in a flaky wrapper). While making cheeseburger muffins the other day, I made a bit of extra ground beef. F&B really like these, so it's always nice to have an extra snack on hand.

For lunch, Mr. Ben took bourek with blackberries & strawberries. He also had a few more boureks for lunch. I think I have two left?

Recipe I used is here, if you want it.


  1. Yum those look really tasty! Thanks for the recipe :D

  2. Hi, I'm a new reader. Can I pick your brain for a few minutes? I love your lunches--they have really inspired me, with fantastic results tonight! But I want to make portable lunches like yours, and I have little faith that the food doesn't roll around and mix up in the lunchboxes. I see lots of space between the tops of the food/little interior food containers, and the top of the lunch box. My family can be rough on things like lunch boxes. AND I love all the fancy boxes, like Hello Kitty's head, but I don't want to spend the money ordering them only to find out they leak or the food rolls all over the place easily. Your son is 4ish, right? Does he get to carry his own?
    Ok, I think that's the extent of my anxiety! Thanks for any help on this.

  3. I have to try the Bourek! My kids are so picky. I think you need to do a post on how you get your kids to eat so much and so many things!

  4. Have you posted your bourek recipe? I tried to find it and couldn't. Your stuffed cornbread muffins and mini quiche are a huge hit w/my boys.

  5. Grumblekitty, Ben carries his own, but I usually walk him into school, so it doesn't get tossed around too much. We haven't had much of a problem with leaking, but mine are also really used to keeping their bags upright. The lids on some of these, once they snap down, don't leave tons of room. I know they are several kinds where the lids basically hit the top of the lower part, so those might help. I actually just received a set in the mail to review, so keep an eye out in a day or two and I'll post pics & links. Got to try them out first!

    Cara I'll message it to you on DAM too.


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