And the winner is ...

Side note, next time I have a giveaway, someone remind me to type in the entries into Excel *before* the night I need to do the giveaway? 320-something entries is a lot to type and some of us are prone to making mistakes and realizing that their spreadsheet has more (or less) entries than the actual blog.

Anyhow ...

Back to and tonight's random number generation ...

Entry #157 which, by my calculations, is Carol Amie! Congratulations!

Email me at scarino @ gmail and we can get this rolling (EasyLunchboxes will ship directly to you, no need to route it through Dallas first!).

If you didn't win and you'd still like to order a set for yourself, we are linked up with Kelly to offer Easy Lunchboxes to our readers! Just click the logo on the right and it will take you right to her site!

As well, enter the code GREENIT at the checkout for an additional 10% off! EasyLunchboxes is proud to be a Participating Company of the Green My Lunchbox Campaign, a national campaign asking 15,000 families to pledge to pack a waste-free lunch to eliminate 1 million pounds of waste going to landfills. The estimate from the EPA is that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year.

We already do this, but wouldn't it be a great thing to start at your kids' schools next year? (Yes, I have my own plans too!!!)


  1. Hi~ I just discovered your site as I am on a quest for my family and myself to eat more healthfully. My 8 year old has been resistant, but you have provided some great inspiration. Thank you.
    I happily became a follower.


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