Bento Soup!

We were all set for a bento with soup yesterday. It was pouring rain in Dallas and dropped to the 60s, which made it perfect weather for a good bowl of soup.

We also have these adorable containers, so we could take our soup with us on the go to taekwondo.

However, round about 4pm, the kids taekwondo instructor called us to tell us he lost power in the building so he was cancelling classes that night. So no soup bentos, but we had soup in a bowl instead. ;o)

Faith was so excited to make the soup, it's veggie lentil and she got to basically make it herself! Other than turning on the stove and bringing the water to a boil, my little chef did the work on her own!

She chopped the zucchini:

Added the garlic, onions & lentils:

Chopped the green beans & tomatoes:

Added a few more spices, bouillon and stirred:

And tada! Lentil soup, a la Faith.

She told me she might want to be a chef when she grows up, "just like at the Olive Garden!" I was holding out for something a little more famous than that. ;o)

Both kiddos are looking forward to official soup bentos, but I saw no reason to use thermoses when I own dishwasher safe bowls.


  1. What a simple yummy flavorful and nutritious soup - and what a great thing that you are instilling the love of cooking at home in the kids.

    :) Laura

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. See my page for more details! -diane


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