Gluten Free Bentos - a guest post

I've had a few comments & emails asking about gluten-free ideas for bentos. Only one slight problem, we aren't gluten free, and I'm basically thinking "Fruit? Meat?" ;o)

So instead, I turn to brilliant friends who came to my rescue with pictures, links and recipes for a gluten free lunch for her kids.

My friend Stephanie is a thyroid cancer survivor with two kids, ages 10.5 & 8. She is also finishing up her course of study to be a doctor of naturopathy. Her family is gluten-free and tries to use organic ingredients where possible.

Lunch for her daughter & son includes:
Applesauce spice bread, subbing in Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix for the flour
Fresh blueberries & strawberries
Gluten free pretzels by Glutino
Trail mix from Costco (left)
Wheat free honey roasted peanuts (right)
Cheese cubes (right), cheese stick (left)

It's all packed in Laptop Lunch cases, so it's nice & environmentally friendly, as well as gluten-free.

Stephanie has all sorts of kid-tested gluten-free recipes on her blog to help other families who are going gluten-free. I invite you to visit her and check out some of her ideas for help if you are looking for gluten-free lunches.


  1. Perfect! I'm so glad to see a post about Gluten Free lunch on here! I'm defintely going to try the Applesauce Spice Bread. I just happen to have all the ingredients for that right now, inscluding the Pamela's Mix. Thanks!!!


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