Kitty Sandwiches for Faith!

We needed a cute quick picnic lunch today so of course, it's bento time!

Faith had two kitty sandwiches (Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread, turkey, cheese) with cucumber features, a cheese bow and a carrot fishie! She also had cucumber stars, mixed fruits (strawberries, grapes, cantaloupes & blackberries) and a mini vanilla cupcake. It's packed in our EasyLunchboxes since two of those fit in their cooler with drinks. There's a link on the sidebar if you'd like to order your own set too.

I'm loving my mini-muffin pan lately. It's the perfect size for F&B treats without giving them too much of a sweet. We're going to make some berry muffins later on and another batch of mini cupcakes since I have icing opened.


  1. So cute
    Im loving your site, Ive only been into the bento for about 2 weeks trying to get it all together for when my DD starts K. Just wanted to let you know LOVE your site.


  2. Love the kitties!! Very cute :D

  3. Love those cats! Very cute :)

  4. Cute! How did you make the eyes and whiskers?

  5. Crystal, eyes are a really small cookie cutter. It's an animal shape head, then has little circles for eyes & noses. The mouth is the edge of a heart cookie cutter, twice.


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