Preschool Bento #44 - Of Mice & Fruit

Because "Of Mice & Men" would be awfully icky for lunch. :o)

Back to school for Mr. Ben this afternoon! He was thoroughly entranced with the mouse-wraps we made last week, so I made him another one for today.

Side note, since people have asked about box space/lids, the mouse-wrap was pushed back into the box after the picture, you just couldn't see his face unless he was propped up. :o) The lid fits pretty well on this box, so there isn't much shifting of the contents from side to side.

Mr. Ben has a mouse-wrap of tuna salad on multi grain tortilla with carrot/cucumber decorations, and a fruit salad with pineapple, honeydew and a nice plump blackberry for color!

We may have another bento for tonight. All four of us have taekwondo (kids first, then adults), so I'm thinking F&B need to bring bentos and eat dinner there.


  1. I'm missing something when it comes to the ears. Mine wouldn't stay on. How are you doing that?

  2. Really pointy knife. ;o) I cut slits into the tortilla layers (all the way through to the filling) and slowly widened them till they fit the carrots.

  3. SO CUTE. I am learning every time I visit.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Awsome I love the little mouse wraps! I am glad you went with fruit instead of men :P


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