Preschool Bento #45 - Potato Croquette, sort of!

Ever read/see something and think "I could do that"? I was reading something last night and saw a mention of potato croquettes. Which, of course, got me thinking "I could do that!"

So I did. :o) Got up this morning, realized I actually still had potatoes in the pantry and made a test batch to see if what I had in my head could actually translate to a plate.

It's a combo of shredded potato (1, normal sized, peeled), about 3/4 of a small zucchini (also shredded), 4 or 5 baby carrots (shredded), a small handful of bread crumbs, the last of the shredded sharp cheddar, and a beaten egg to bind it all together. I rolled them into balls, then flattened those, then pan fried them in just a dab of butter. F&B were quite taken with them (Shaun liked them too, so always a bonus!).

Since I made 5, Mr. Ben got an extra in his lunch. He had a potato croquette, with a cheese bear on top, and a container with ranch for dipping (trying to find the perfect sauce is next). The other side holds pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries & blackberries. The boy likes his fruit!


  1. Something with potato AND cheddar cheese??? OMG I want one (or two or three)...

    Thanks for the recipe!

    :) Laura

  2. You can't go wrong with potatoes!!!

  3. Those croquettes would be good dipped in either apple sauce or sour cream. Yum!


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