Preschool Bento #47 - Turkey-Apple Meatballs & Sweet Potato Croquettes

This may not be the prettiest bento we've ever made, but F&B really had a good time creating it all. We were all up a bit early this morning, so figured it was a good day to cook some goodies for preschool. I've had a couple of recipes I've wanted to try and the kids were all set on helping out.

We made sweet potato & zucchini croquettes and turkey-apple-carrot meatballs. F&B even rolled out the meatballs, which are why they are more blobby and less round. On the other hand, they are so thrilled to help make things, the appearance doesn't matter!

For preschool, Mr. Ben took one croquette, topped with a "Peanut" shaped cheese, and 4 meatballs with "Peanut" picks. If you haven't read of his elephant fascination, all elephants are "Peanuts" which is the name of 3 of his 4 stuffed elephants (we have big Peanut, little Peanut, medium Peanut, and Duncan).

Got to run, tutoring for me, then church for F&B, so I'll post recipes later. Both the croquettes & the meatballs are amazingly yummy!


  1. Looks yummy! I will check back later to get the recipes for them :)

  2. yummy, I look forward to your recipes.

  3. "and Duncan." This cracked me up for some reason.

    These look delish--looking forward to the recipe!


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