Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preschool Bento #51 - Fish in the Sea

Today is Mr. Ben's last day of preschool. :o( We are really going to miss his teacher & this program. Faith went through it as well and we absolutely love it.

Since it's his last day, he needed a really cute bento. I love that his student teachers are intrigued with them too, so I hate to disappoint. I boiled eggs last night, so we opted for an "under the sea" theme today!

Ben has a hard-boiled egg, shaped like a fish. Said fishie is sitting in a sea of pasta salad (yes, I dyed the pasta blue). There are peas, a sprinkle of cheese and a bit of ranch dressing in the salad, and star fish carrots to make it cuter!

I was about to make cookies too, but the recipe requires the dough to chill and I don't have enough time to do both. Cookie post later today!


  1. How did you dye the pasta? Please do tell. It's an awesome trick!

  2. that is cute enough that I might even attempt to do the eggs! And I would love to know how you dye the pasta also, That's a great idea!
    Do you have a really tiny cookie cutter for the carrots, or do you cut those by hand?

  3. Sure!

    Pasta, I dropped about 4 drops of food coloring into the water while it was boiling, before I added the pasta, then just cooked as normal.

    The teeny stars are "Wilton Fondant Cutters", about $3 at a craft store and so worth it! I bought flowers & stars, I may need a few more. ;o)

  4. WOW that is wicked awesome, love the colored pasta it just ties it all together perfectly. :)

  5. That is too stinkin' cute! I'm curious, how do you organize all of your cutters and Bento accessories?

  6. That is absolutely adorable...awesome idea!

  7. Love it!! That was totally awesome!! I think this was the inspiration I needed to try pasta in my girls lunch! I still dont think the boiled eggs will fly with her though :(.

  8. Loving the fishy egg. He looks like he wants to eat the pasta. Hope Ben shared with him ;)

  9. Lovely, what a great idea to place the egg fish on blue pasta! :)



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